How to arrange your art in a creative manner?  Here are five fun ideas to help you.

  1. For the long narrow vertical wall space:  Fill the space from top to bottom with framed art prints.  Frame each print with a black frame and an oversized white mat.  This will put all the emphasis on the colorful print.  This is a great way to achieve a dramatic style without breaking the bank with original art 
  2. Consider yourself lucky if you are stuck with a variety of mix and match original art and art prints!  Plan out the arrangement by laying the art on the floor.  Always start with the larger pieces and then mix in the smaller originals and art prints.  Play up the variety of frames or you can achieve a sense of harmony by framing each in the same color.  It is a fun way to spend a rainy weekend day.
  3. If you need a quick and easy way to display your art then try the lean method.  Prop up a painting or art print against a wall, bookcase, shelf, table or mantle.  Play around with different heights by placing the art on a stack of books or magazines.  In one interior design magazine they placed a string of lights weaving in between the artwork and books.
  4. Have a small corner that needs special attention?  Place a small table in the corner with a lamp.  Hang one piece of art behind the table or place it on the table.  Position the lamp so it highlights the art and to give it importance.  You can include other small items that compliment the art.  For instance, a beach print might have a small collection sea shells in a glass container or just scatter the shells around the table.
  5. For a horizontal wall hang similar framed artwork in a long horizontal line.  This look will have an even greater impact against wallpaper, grass cloth or a rich paint color.  I love the contrast between a rich paint color and framed artwork.  It is a great conversation starter when you have friends and family over for a party.

About the author

Nancy Kempf is an award winning American contemporary artist known for her captivating beach and ocean artwork.  Her artwork has gained in popularity among art enthusiasts and collectors due to their ability to evoke a sense of serenity and deep connection with nature.