Print quality is of utmost importance for both aesthetic and investment purposes and is highly valued by collectors.  The use of archival materials and professional print processes ensure the longevity of prints.

For example, imagine you have two art prints of the same artwork.  One is printed on high-quality archival paper with Giclee inks.  The second one is printed on standard printer paper with low-quality inks.  Which one should you choose?

If you choose the standard printer paper with low-quality ink the colors will fade over time and might even yellow in sunlight.

If you choose the print made on archival paper with Giclee ink you will have a print that will

  • Maintain its vibrant colors
  • Maintain the sharp details
  • Maintain the value of the print

Archival pigment inks such as Giclee inks, are known for their color accuracy and fade resistance.  Giclee inks are the go-to choice for interior designers who demand high quality art prints for their clients.

By understanding the factors that determine quality you can make an informed decision when you purchase prints.

About the author

Nancy Kempf is an award winning American contemporary artist known for her captivating paintings.  Kempf’s prints are produced on professional paper with Giclee inks to provide her clients with confidence of a good investment.